1999 News Story

Royal Decrees extend government posts

The service of the following high-ranking government officials is renewed for a period of four years, by royal decrees issued today:
• Dr. Suheil Bin Hassan Bin Abdelmalik Kadi, as Rector of Umm Al-Qura University 
• Dr. Salih Bin Abdullah Bin Abdelrahman Al-Aboud, as Rector of the Islamic University in Madinah
• Dr. Abdullah Bin Muhammad Bin Abdullah Al-Faisal, as Rector of King Saud University
• Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al-Dakheel, as Rector of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
• Dr. Yousef Bin Muhammad Al-Jindan, as Rector of King Faisal University
• Dr. Ghazi Bin Obeid Madani, as Rector of King Abdul Aziz University
• Salih Bin Abdullah Al-Ibrahim, as Deputy Chief of the Court of the Council of Ministers
• Dr. Jubara Bin Eid Al-Sireisiri, as Deputy Minister of Finance and National Economy
• Abdelrahman Bin Mohammed Al-Sadhan, as Assistant Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, effective August 12, 1999
• Suleiman Bin Saad Al-Humeid, as Governor the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI), effective August 25, 1999
• Dr. Mohammed Bin Suleiman Al-Jasser, as Deputy Governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), effective October 1, 1999
• Ali Bin Ibrahim Al-Hudeithi, as Advisor at the Ministry of Defense and Aviation, effective March 26, 2000
Royal decrees issued today made the following appointments:
• Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdulmuhsin Al-Turki, appointed as Advisor at the Royal Court with the rank of Minister
• Dr. Mohammed Bin Hassan Al-Jabr, appointed as Head of the Specialized Committees of the Council of Ministers with the rank of Minister
• Salih Bin Ali Al-Barak, appointed as Director-General of the Customs Administration
• Dr. Mohammed Bin Saad Al-Salim, appointed as Rector of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University
• Dr. Abdullah Bin Muhammad Al-Rasheed, appointed as Rector of King Khalid University