1999 News Story

Saudi Arabia's nominee for OPEC post

Saudi Arabia has nominated Suleiman Al-Jassir Al-Harbish for the post of Secretary General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).  The term of the current Secretary General Radwan Luqman expires at the end of September this year.

Married with four sons, Mr. Al-Harbish was born 56 years ago in the Al-Rass area of Qassim Province. He received his undergraduate degree from the College of Economics and Political Science at the University of Cairo in 1966, and in 1974 obtained his master's in economics in the United States. Since 1962 he has been working in the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, becoming economic advisor and Assistant Undersecretary in 1982. In 1990 he was appointed to represent Saudi Arabia on the Board of Governors of OPEC.