1999 News Story

Joint Saudi-Algerian statemetn issued

Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul

Aziz met yesterday in Casablanca with King Muhammad VI before leaving by air for Algeria.

On board, he sent a cable of thanks to the Moroccan King, in which he expressed

satisfaction at seeing Morocco stable, safe, and secure.
Crown Prince Abdullah met in Algiers yesterday evening, and again today, with Algerian

President Abdulaziz Bouteflika, with whom he discussed, among other issues, that of the

Middle East peace process.

A joint Saudi-Algerian statement was issued today in Algiers at the end of the two-day

visit, October 11 to 12, by Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown

Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz. During his visit, the statement said, Crown Prince Abdullah

expressed satisfaction over the progress made in restoring security and stability to the

country,  and congratulated President Abdulaziz Boutaflika on the support given him by the

Algerian people in the September 16 referendum.
The two sides remarked on the recent steady growth in bilateral relations, and underscored

the importance of enhancing this in the areas of investment, trade and industry. In the

area of finance and banking, they expressed satisfaction at the effective role of the Saudi

Development Fund, especially as regard to irrigation and electric power generation. The

statement went on to report that following the official talks today a memorandum of

understanding for financing a number of development projects was signed by Finance Minister

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Assaf and Algerian Minister of Finance Dr. Abdelrahim Harshawi, in the

presence of Crown Prince Abdullah and President Bouteflika. The Saudi Development Fund,

established in 1974, has in the past contributed to the financing of a number of projects

in Algeria, including the port of Jijil, the dams at Al-Karkar, Ein-Al-Daliah, and Beni

Haroon, the power station at Hama, and low-cost housing in Algiers.
On leaving Algiers, Crown Prince Abdullah sent a cable of thanks to President Bouteflika,

expressing appreciation of the warm welcome from the Algerian people, noting that Saudi

Arabia and Algeria are linked with bonds of religion, kinship, and history, and saying: "We

are happy that our brothers in Algeria have worked together to close a painful and bloody

page in their history, and are trying to open a new page with a spirit of fraternity and

sacrifice  …..   I pray Almighty God to preserve Algeria as a dignified, stable and

prosperous country."