1999 News Story

Prince Sultan comments on U.S. Defense Secretary's visit

In a press conference yesterday Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and

Aviation and Inspector-General Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz said that his talks with

visiting U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen reviewed obtaining, managing and updating

various weapons.  He added that there was nothing new, and the visit was just one of

friendship. They also discussed the failure of Iraq to comply with the UN resolutions.
Asked if he had briefed Secretary Cohen on the investigation of Hani Al-Sayegh, accused of

being involved in the Al-Khobar explosion, Prince Sultan stated that there is ongoing

contact between the Saudi Ministry of the Interior and the concerned authorities in the

United States of America. He declared that the dimensions of this crime run counter to the

teachings of Islam, and Saudi Arabia is as concerned as the USA to find the perpetrator. As

for Al-Sayegh himself, Prince Sultan said he is in his homeland, and has received visits

from his mother and his wife. He added that the matter is now subject to Islamic Shariah

[Law]. To a further question on whether Saudi Arabia had requested U.S. assistance in the

pursuit of the three suspects mentioned by Interior Minister Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz,

he said that the two countries were in full agreement on following up such matters.