1999 News Story

Shura Council meeting

The Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura) today held a regular session under the chairmanship of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Ibrahim Bin Jubeir, and urged that increased job and vocational opportunities be made available to Saudi citizens, calling for a fixed period to be set to realize this goal. These remarks followed study of the annual report of the manpower department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The Shura Council then passed a resolution recommending restrictions to be taken in the recruitment of foreign manpower, and incentives to be put in place for the employment of Saudi nationals in the non-government sector. The resolution called for the establishment of a fund to facilitate the recruitment and training of Saudi citizens to enable them to join the private sector; and also called for the establishment of a national data center to provide integrated information on the business market in line with a decision taken in this respect last year.