1998 News Story

Crown Prince Abdullah meets with Japanese businessmen

Crown Prince Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard, currently on a three-day state visit to Japan, met today in Tokyo with Saudi and Japanese businessmen. Speaking on the occasion, the Crown Prince noted the respect that the Saudi people have for the Japanese, with Saudi-Japanese relations going back nearly half a century, adding: "We view Japan as one of our closest friends, and look forward to further enhancing bilateral cooperation in various spheres." He pointed out that most of the joint Saudi-Japanese projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are small, and that the Kingdom is interested in implementing larger ones.

Crown Prince Abdullah referred to Saudi Arabia as a country with a strong economy and strategic reserves of economic resources, adding that it enjoys security and stability. Pointing out that there are problems in other countries, he declared: "I want to certify that the situation is different in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because projects in our country are always profitable, we enjoy stability, and moreover the rights of the investors are protected."
A luncheon was hosted in the Crown Prince's honor today by the Japanese business community. Speaking on the occasion, Crown Prince Abdullah highlighted the deep-rooted relations that exist between Saudi Arabia and Japan and called for further cooperation between them. Referring to the challenges of globalization, he said it is essential to adapt to these, but "not at the expense of our identity, creed, principles and social values".