1998 News Story

Kingdom participates in chemical weapons conference

Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Prince Turki Ibn Muhammad Ibn Saud Al-Kabeer, as head of the Kingdom's delegation, today addressed the third session of the conference of those countries which are party to the treaty on non-proliferation of chemical weapons, which is meeting in The Hague, Holland, and urged the international community to put pressure on Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Prince Turki noted that certain Arab countries have reservations about signing NPT because of Israel's reluctance to do so.

Prince Turki went on to state that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia considers the possession of chemical weapons by certain countries as a great danger both to their own people and to their neighbors. The people of the Middle East region are suffering in this way because some of its countries possess weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons. Prince Turki expressed the Kingdom's concern that all states sign NPT and the chemical weapons treaty, and that they open their facilities and research centers to inspection, in order to enhance peace all over the world.
Prince Turki declared that there should be no exemption or privilege given to any country in respect of such treaties, which should be implemented and effectively coordinated by all countries for the benefit of all. The Kingdom is totally convinced that this is the best and only option to ensure the prosperity of the nations, and therefore supports all efforts to make such treaties global, with the aim of eliminating all kinds of weapons of mass destruction. Saudi Arabia is already open about all its chemical industries, and is willing to cooperate with national agencies in other countries to ensure the safe transport, import and export of chemical materials.