1998 News Story

Dirab Equesterian Center maintains impeccable records

The Dirab Center, a major center for the conservation of the Arabian breed of horses, keeps impeccable computer-documented records using advanced scientific methods as well as promoting cooperation with international bodies and stud farms all over the world. Since 1983 Saudi Arabia has been a member of the London-based International Organization for the Arabian Horse, which provides consultative and technical services including classification according to origin, birth, ownership, numbering, name, color, parentage and progeny. Seventy countries worldwide are now members of this organization, and each of them has a specialized center for the Arabian horse. In line with its regulations, the Dirab Center has published three editions of a book of records of Arabian horses bred in the Kingdom. This book of records is a valuable and internationally approved reference that benefits both horse-breeders and those concerned with this specialized field.

The progeny of Arabian horses has several branches, the most well-known of which are al-koheilat, al-abiya'at, al-saqayat, al-hamdaniyat, al-swetiya'at, and al-seibae'liyat. Most of these are available at the Dirab Center. The center, which has 200 horses and about 45 breeders and staff, is affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Water.
Meanwhile, last Friday Crown Prince Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard, who is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Equestrian Club, patronized the annual grand horse race for the Muhammad Ibn Saud Al-Kabeer Cup at the club's racetrack in Riyadh. The cup was won by Yaqoot, owned by the sons of Prince Badr Ibn Abdul Aziz.