1998 News Story

Prince Nayef's press conference at Mina

Interior Minister Prince Nayef Ibn Abdul Aziz yesterday gave a press conference following his inspection tour of the holy places.  In addition to remarks concerning this year's Hajj, and a statement on the status of the Al-Khobar investigation, he referred to a number of other issues.
Prince Nayef expressed happiness at the recent statement of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Salih concerning the imminent reaching of a final agreement on the border issue.
Turning to the issue of terrorism, Prince Nayef said this phenomenon is faced not only by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but by all countries in the world.  He noted that a conference for Arab justice and interior ministers will be held in Cairo on April 28, 1998.  The participants in this conference, he said, will sign an agreement on combating terrorism, and it is hoped that other countries will follow their example.  Prince Nayef added that the issue of terrorism was reviewed at the conference of foreign ministers from Islamic countries recently held in Doha.
Prince Nayef urged the private sector to cooperate with the concerned authorities in realizing the process of saudization, adding that in some establishments not even a five percent rate has been realized.  In others, however, like the banking sector, saudization is going ahead at a steady pace.  Prince Nayef said:  "I appreciate the success attained by Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA), Saudi Aramco, and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) in regard to saudization of jobs", adding:  "We are determined on the realization of the saudization process, and we are hopeful that the Ministries of Education and Higher Education will cooperate in this respect."

On the system of press establishments, Prince Nayef said regulations are under consideration by the Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura).
Prince Nayef deplored the biased campaigns that have been launched against the Kingdom, and said the Saudi information media are capable of confronting such campaigns, adding that truth will triumph.