1998 News Story

Live coverage of 1418 Hajj by CNN

The United States' Cable News Network (CNN) will for the first time provide coverage of Hajj live from its own team direct from Makkah and the holy sites. A senior producer at CNN said in a press statement today that the coverage will explain to the whole world the rituals of Hajj and some of the principles of Islam, and look at pilgrims who have come from all over the globe. There will be live coverage from Arafat on Monday April 6; and on Tuesday April 7, cameras will be in the haram for the circumambulation of the Holy Ka'abah. In addition, CNN reporters will look into the massive planning that has been undertaken by the government of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz in order to care for such a large number of pilgrims over a matter of months. The team includes Mr. Riz Khan from Atlanta, cameraman Muhammad Ali Saad from Oman, and Beirut producer Mahdi Abdul-Mahdi, assisted by Saudi consultant Dr. Ahmed Ibn Saif-al-Din from Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh.

Prior to the main telecast, there will be a thirty-minute program broadcast on the evening of Thursday, April 2, entitled "The journey of Faith", and on Friday, April 3, three question and answer sessions from Makkah, hosted by Mr. Riz Khan.