1998 News Story

Sacrifical meat from 1418 Hajj on its way to those in need

Minister of Pilgrimage Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Safar today announced plans for the pilgrims' smooth homeward journey to facilitate their safe return following their stay to perform Hajj this year. Dr. Safar said pilgrims who are planning to return by air should be transported by their relevant mutawif to the pilgrim terminal at the airport for departure within 36 hours. Pilgrims who have not visited Madinah and would like to do so now, are allowed to stay for 11 more days including their departure day. Pilgrims who have not booked for their air return should report to their travel agents to fix a departure date. Those returning by sea may fix their date of departure in coordination with the relevant authorities. Instructions have been issued to expedite procedures at all exit points from the Kingdom, to prevent congestion and crowds at the departure points.