1998 News Story

Minister of Islamic Affairs gives speech in Paris seminar

Minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance Dr. Abdullah Al-Turki today presented a paper to the seminar on  'Islam and Human Rights' currently in progress in Paris, and reiterated the adherence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Islamic Shari'ah, and the concern of Islam to preserve human rights, pointing out that the Kingdom's legislature is based on the teachings of Islam which stipulate the importance of protecting public and individual freedom as well as the state's responsibility to extend educational and health services to all citizens.  Dr. Al-Turki urged the information media to project the principles of Islamic Shari'ah in a scientific manner, stating that if dialogue is conducted on an equal footing between Islamic thinkers and their western counterparts, it will yield positive results and contribute to narrowing gaps among the people.  He emphasized that equality is one of the major principles of Islam, and that Islam successfully contained the phenomenon of slavery.