1998 News Story

Prince Sultan on visit to Tabuk Province

Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz, Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector-General, held a press conference yesterday in the town of Tabuk during his visit to the province.  Referring to Lebanon, he emphasized the importance of implementing the UN Security Council resolutions in spirit as well as in letter.  On the sanctions imposed on Iraq, Prince Sultan said that the Kingdom hopes that the Iraqi leadership will comply fully with the UN Security Council's resolutions.

As for the nuclear tests recently conducted by India, Prince Sultan said that India is a friendly country, as is Pakistan, and it is to be hoped that the two countries will not race each other in obtaining lethal weapons.  He called on both Pakistan and India to halt tests on such weapons of mass destruction in line with the Charter of the United Nations. 
On the border issue between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Prince Sultan said the joint committee is working to settle any problem.
In answer to a question on the tanks deal between the Kingdom and France, Prince Sultan said the matter is still under consideration, and noted that military relations between Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom are going ahead as planned.  He reiterated the government's concern for both the public and the private sectors and welcomed the cooperation of the private sector in the economic offset program, whereby 45 percent of the allocations for armament return to the Kingdom to benefit the Saudi people in terms of service and production.
Later, at a reception in his honor organized by the citizens of Tabuk Province, Prince Sultan gave an impromptu speech in which he said the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country of peace, love, and fraternity.  He then donated SR 10 million (U.S. $ 2.7 million) for a proposed cultural and literary center that will include an open theater, a closed theater, a library and an exhibition room.