1998 News Story

Crown Prince Abdullah in Syria

Crown Prince Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National

Guard, today received at his residence in Tashreen Palace in Damascus Syrian President Hafez

Al-Assad, and held a closed-door meeting with him to discuss bilateral matters, and pursue the

topics taken up in the two previous meetings held yesterday.  Crown Prince Abdullah and his

accompanying delegation, including Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal, Advisor at the

Crown Prince's Court Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz, and Minister of State and

Cabinet Member Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz, arrived in Syria early yesterday for

official talks which, in addition to bilateral relations, covered Arab, Islamic and international

issues, notably the Middle East peace process.

On arrival at the airport in Damascus, where he was welcomed by President Al-Assad himself,

and a great number of senior Syrian officials, Crown Prince Abdullah made reference to the

peace process, stating:  "We are against any kind of solution that neglects the complete and

legitimate rights of the Palestinian people even if accepted by most of the countries of the

world."   He warned Israel about its "over-confidence" which might "throw it into the arms of

extravagance", calling on moderates in the Jewish state to "take lessons from history".  Paying

tribute to the leaderships of the Arab Republic of Syria and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,

Crown Prince Abdullah gave hints that the core of his two-state tour would be the regional

situation in the aftermath of the derailed Middle East peace process.
Meanwhile, Secretary-General of the Cairo-based League of Arab States Dr. Ismat Abdulmeguid

yesterday expressed confidence that the talks to be held by Crown Prince Abdullah in Syria and

Jordan would be for the benefit of the Arab world, and praised the key role being played by the

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its sincere efforts to strengthen the Arab position.