1998 News Story

Statement from the Royal Court on possible Arab Summit
The Royal Court today issued an explanatory statement as follows:

"Certain media, both Arab and foreign, have been circulating news reports to the effect that

recent moves of the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had not achieved any

progress towards an expected Arab summit; these reports have caused confusion and

necessitated the following clarification. The Saudi approach to the brothers in Syria and Jordan

had been arranged some time before, and its agenda included a number of issues, bilateral as

well as Arab, Islamic and international. The talks were not confined to the issue of an Arab

summit conference, which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia firmly believes should be fully

coordinated and well-arranged beforehand, a belief shared by Egypt, Syria and Jordan. A

conference which is not based on fertile ground guaranteeing its success is of no use in view

of the current changes and regional and international blocs. It is categorically denied that the

United States had asked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to delay any Arab summit conference."