1998 News Story

Yemeni Weekly interviews Saudi officials
Prince Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz, Governor of Riyadh Province; and Information Minister Dr. Fuad Al-Farsi were quoted in an interview published today in the Yemeni weekly newspaper 'September 26'.

Prince Salman stated that security on the Arabian Peninsula is an integrated system with

countries affecting each other, and expressed confidence that the relations between Saudi

Arabia and Yemen would always develop for the better, in spite of attempts by a few

individuals writing unfounded stories in certain Yemeni press.  Prince Salman confirmed that

the leaderships of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Yemen were bound by

strong ties, and that relations between the two countries would remain fraternal, with mutual

love and cooperation predominating in the interest of both peoples.  He remarked that border

issues between two countries should not be a factor disturbing their mutual relations, but

rather a factor of rapprochement and dialogue. 

Turning to recruitment of Yemeni workers seeking jobs in the Kingdom, Prince Salman denied

any obstacle, saying:  "We welcome them at any time and we believe the Yemenis understand

better than others how to co-exist with their brothers in the Kingdom".  He praised Yemeni

workers in the Kingdom, saying that they are known to be reliable and honest and welcoming

Yemenis to come work in Saudi Arabia, since they are good at communicating with their

brother Saudis who have habits and traditions in common.  He called on the mass media to be

more careful, sincere and objective in dealing with vital issues in order to avoid publishing

things that might disturb these fraternal relations.
Minister Al-Farsi said he was looking forward to visiting Yemen and discussing with Yemeni

officials issues which would enhance cooperation between the two countries, referring to

relations between them as distinguished.  He told the Yemeni newspaper that the coming

period would witness even greater cooperation between the two countries in the field of

information, and particularly in the areas of training, exchange of news and media delegations,

and coordination for the benefit of relations between the two sisterly countries and

enhancement of Arab and Islamic issues.