1998 News Story

Shura Council meeting

The Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura) today held a regular session under the

chairmanship of Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Jubeir, and heard a report from the

committee on utilities and services concerning the performance of the Ministry of

Communications for fiscal year 1996 and another from the committee on security affairs

concerning regulations on sales of spare parts for used vehicles.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Ibn Jubeir announced that on Monday, June 29 Custodian of the Two Holy

Mosques King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz will open the second working year of the Council's second

session and deliver a comprehensive address covering the government's internal and external

policies, political bases and foreign relations.  In a statement, Sheikh Ibn Jubeir praised the

care, attention and support King Fahd has always given to the Shura Council since the

inception of its modern phase five years ago.  He noted that the first year of the council's

second session had witnessed numerous achievements.  In its 71 general sessions it studied

61 issues concerning the nation and its citizens, and adopted 71 resolutions.   The council's

general assembly held 13 meetings, while its specialized committees convened 188 times and

drafted 61 reports and studies for forwarding to the general assembly.  Sheikh Ibn Jubeir went

on to praise the current level of cooperation between the council and the various governmental

bodies, and said he was looking forward to hearing King Fahd's noble directives, which would

enlighten the mission of the Shura Council and help it in performing its duties in the best

On the occasion of the inauguration by King Fahd of the second working year of the second

session of the Shura Council, the decision was announced by Minister of Information Dr. Fouad

Al-Farsi to postpone the regular weekly session of the Council of Ministers to next Monday,

July 6, 1998.