1998 News Story

Council of Ministers meeting

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz today presided over the regular weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers and welcomed the decision of the UN General Assembly to accept representation from Palestine in the world organization, describing the move as a positive step in the right direction towards granting the Palestinian state full membership in the United Nations.  King Fahd praised the role played by Saudi Arabia's permanent mission to the UN in coordinating sisterly and friendly countries in support for this resolution.

Information Minister Dr. Fuad Ibn Abdulsalam Al-Farsi reported that King Fahd emphasized that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was and would always be in the vanguard of those working to support the Palestinian brothers and their cause, which he described as one of concern to Arab and Muslim nations.  This support, the King declared, emanates from the firm and deep-rooted approach laid by Saudi Arabia's founder King Abdul Aziz, whose successors are following and will always follow it, until the establishment of the State of Palestine with Al-Quds [Jerusalem] as its capital.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reiterates its rejection of the decision of the Israeli government to extend the borders of the Holy City of Al-Quds and expand the authority of its municipality, regarding this as an illegal decision that breaches international treaties and agreements.  The Kingdom's rejection of these measures emanates from its firm stance against any policy that would alter the Arab identity of Al-Quds or create demographic or institutional changes in it.
Dr. Al-Farsi reported that the cabinet maintained the position that Israel should implement the agreements it signed with the Palestinian National Authority, and live up to all its pledges and commitments.  In this regard, King Fahd expressed the hope of rallying international efforts, especially those of its co-sponsors, to salvage the Middle East peace process from its current impasse, caused by the arrogant policies followed by the current Israeli government.
King Fahd then briefed the cabinet on the contents of the message he received recently from Pakistan's Premier Mohammed Nawaz Sharif, and talks he had in Jeddah with the visiting President of the Republic of Sierra Leone Al-Hajji Dr. Ahmed Tegan Kaba concerning bilateral relations and developments in the Islamic and international arenas.
Turning to domestic matters, King Fahd urged the nation's young people to take advantage of the current summer vacation to invest time and energy in activities of benefit to themselves and to their country, and instructed all relevant authorities to cooperate in this.