1998 News Story

Kingdom's textile industry flourishing

The National Factory for Polyester Thread has boosted its total productive capacity from 12 to 20 tons per day to meet the demand for high-quality polyester thread in both local and foreign markets.  This increased productivity is in line with the contributions of the private sector to support the national economy under the current sixth five-year plan. The textile and ready-made clothes sector is flourishing, with a total of 134 factories employing 15,677.  The polyester factory produces six types of high quality polyester thread, only 30 percent of which meets the requirements of the local market, with 70 percent exported to foreign markets.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Export Promotion Center is organizing an exhibition for Saudi industries and products in Casablanca from December 7 to 13, 1998.  The value of non-oil exports from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was reported today to have reached SR 281.4 million (U.S. $ 75.04 million) in July, including exports worth SR 124.8 million (U.S. $ 33.28 million) to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states.