1998 News Story

Saudi efforts for Kosovo relief continue

Yet another plane left Riyadh today headed for Tirana in Albania to help the Kosovar

refugees, carrying 13 tons of relief materials including medical equipment. Yesterday,

Chairman of the Saudi Joint Committee for the Relief of Kosovo Dr. Abdulrahman Bin

Abdulaziz Al-Suweilem, who is also head of the Saudi Arabian Red Crescent Society,

announced that he had carried out an inspection tour of the Saudi teams working in the

field in Albania and in Kosovo itself, and approved the budget of the health care strategy

in effect. Current health projects include rebuilding clinics in Kosovo, providing training

for medical personnel, equipping hospitals, and creating job opportunities for Kosovar


Last Thursday, following its 21st meeting in Makkah, the Committee underlined the

importance of coordination among all Islamic and international organizations working in

Kosovo, as well as consultation with the government and the leadership of the Islamic

community in Kosovo, in order to implement the coming phase of rehabilitation of mosques,

schools, homes, and public buildings. The meeting recommended work on 190 damaged mosques,

publication of school textbooks, and promoting Islamic curricula as a mandatory component

in Kosovo schools. The recommendations also covered health, social, rehabilitation,

education, and media affairs.