1998 News Story

Shura Council meetings

The Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura), under the chairmanship of Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Ibn Jubeir, today reviewed a report on the performance of the Ministry of Education for the academic year 1996-97 (1417-18 H). After debating the components of the educational process (teacher, student, curriculum, classroom and educational means), the council decided to continue its discussion at a later date.

Meanwhile, a joint working session of the Shura Council and a delegation from the Parliament of Austria, was held here last night under the co-chairmanship of Sheikh Ibn Jubeir and Dr. Phil Braunader, Deputy Chairman of the Austrian Parliament. In an address before the session, Sheikh Ibn Jubeir welcomed the visit, and went on to describe the shura experience in the light of Islamic Shariah (law) in the Kingdom, saying it does not differ from other parliaments in terms of its specializations and internal laws. The session focused on several issues of common interest as well as the latest developments in regional and international arenas including the Palestinian issue and the Middle East peace process.
Earlier yesterday, the Shura Council met and approved the restructuring of the power sector including measures to rationalize the use of electricity. The aim of the restructuring is to realize comfort for consumers, profit for producers, and the best of services for all complexes, industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential.