1997 Public Statement

Statement by Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States HRH Prince Bandar Bin Sultan in response to press inquiries

“The Saudi-American relationship is a strong and special one. It has been so for over half a century: since President Roosevelt and King Abdul Aziz met during World War Two. The two countries share interests critically important to both as well as to the international community.

“We have always reached agreement on a broad and significant range of issues. Excellent working relations exist between officials of both countries at all levels. That close cooperation will continue.

“When there might be a difference on a particular point, we still have the same underlying objective. And we sort out the immediate matter through close consultation. Almost always, we come to an agreement that serves both countries.

“With regard to security questions, the subject is important and sensitive. It cannot be worked out through the media. In any case, Saudi security agencies are responsible for any crime that takes place on sovereign Saudi soil and are doing a superb job, as Saudi Arabia’s long-established international reputation for firm and vigorous law enforcement attests. When all investigative procedures have been thoroughly brought to a conclusion, the results will be made public by Saudi authorities.

“Saudi Arabia is not accusing or absolving anyone yet as to the tragic events in its Eastern Province last summer. It would be premature to accuse or absolve anyone until the investigation is completed.”