1997 News Story

Saudi Arabia and South Africa issue joint communiqué

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of South Africa today, on the occasion of the state visit to South Africa by Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz, Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation, and Inspector-General, issued a joint press communiqué confirming their common interest in enhancing cooperation between the two countries in all fields, and stressing the utmost importance of supporting the peace process in the Middle East in order to achieve a comprehensive, just and permanent peace based on the relevant United Nations resolutions and in accordance with the principles of the Madrid Conference including that of land-for-peace.

Meanwhile, Prince Sultan announced his donation of U.S. $3.0 million to various Islamic Associations in South Africa, plus $300,000 to the President Nelson Mandela Fund for Children, and $300,000 for the Vice President Tabo Mbiki Charitable Fund.