1997 News Story

Saudi-Yemeni relations

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen to settle the remaining border issue with  neighboring Yemen within the fraternal and cordial framework, an official source was today quoted as saying.

In response to a question from the Saudi Press Agency on the extent of border negotiations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Yemen, an official source explained that the ball is now in the Yemeni court.  “The viewpoint of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been notified to President Ali Abdullah Saleh of the Republic of Yemen and the Kingdom is awaiting his reply,” he said.  Concluding his statement, the source said the Kingdom wishes to reach a border settlement with Yemen as soon as possible to follow suit of its experience with other neighboring countries, most of which, the source went on to say, have solved their border disputes with the Kingdom in friendly ways. “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen to solve the remaining border line (problem) with the sisterly Republic of Yemen without delay, particularly that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reached solutions to most border issues with neighboring countries in cordial and fraternal ways,” he said.