1997 News Story

Pilgrims from Libya and Iraq

With the upcoming Hajj season for the year 1418 Hijrah (1998) near, and out of a desire to ensure that the safe transportation of pilgrims from Libya and Iraq this year, and in coming years, is carried out comfortably and easily, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will take the necessary measures to enable the pilgrims to perform their religious rites in an atmosphere of tranquillity and safety.  These measures consist of scheduling flights for pilgrims from the two countries by a third party carrier, and in accordance with the quotas established for them.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cannot refuse or obstruct the arrival of any pilgrim performing Hajj or Umrah from visiting the Holy Places.  On the contrary, it is duty-bound to facilitate their arrival at the Holy Places in safety, stability, and tranquillity.  Therefore, it hopes that the parties concerned with implementing UN Security Council Resolution 748, Article A4, of 1992 regarding Libya, and UN Security Council Resolutions 661 and 670 of 1990 regarding Iraq, will adopt these measures and not issue anything likely to impede them.