1997 News Story

Prince Nayef patronizes fifth annual career day at KAU

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef Ibn Abdul Aziz, who is also Chairman of the Manpower Council, yesterday evening patronized the inaugural ceremony of the Fifth Annual Career Day activities organized by King Abdul Aziz University in collaboration with the private sector.  The ceremony was attended by Makkah Governor Prince Majed Ibn Abdul Aziz, Higher Education Minister Dr. Khaled Ibn Muhammad Al-Angary, University Rector Dr. Ghazi Obeid Madani, and a number of guests in addition to the University's staff and students.

In his address, Prince Nayef referred to the strategy for manpower adopted by the Kingdom, saying that a major goal of all six five-year development plans has been to increase the number of trained Saudi cadres in the private sector.  He also referred to the 1994 resolution on Saudization (ministerial resolution number 50 dated 22/1/1415 H) which requires companies employing more than 20 workers to have not less than five percent of their workforce Saudi.   Prince Nayef went on to describe the goal of the education system to upgrade skills and abilities to match with the needs of the employment market in general and the private sector in particular.

The career day activities reflect varied aspects of constructive cooperation between KAU and the private sector.  During the question and answer period after his speech, Prince Nayef announced that the Manpower Council is planning to award an annual prize to the company which employs the highest number of Saudis.