1997 News Story

GCC interior ministers issue communiqué

The interior ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states - Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - today issued a communique at the end of their 16th conference held in Doha, which reviewed regional and international security developments taking into account that the security of the GCC member states is an indivisible entity and reiterating the importance of cooperation and coordination among their security organs.

The communiqué expressed satisfaction over the arrangements made to facilitate movement of GCC citizens and exchange of commodities among member states in line with their economic agreements, and approved steps taken for facilitating the exchange and transfer of organs for transplant among the GCC transplantation centers.

The interior ministers expressed concern over the phenomenon of terrorism, which is no longer confined to any one country or region, and stated that cooperation is essential to confront it.   Deploring terrorism as alien to the values of the Gulf region which are characterized by enactment of the law in the light of the teachings of Islam, the ministers reiterated their determination to confront it through all legal means, urging any country which provides shelter to extremists to differentiate between honoring human rights and condoning the destructive practices of these terrorist elements which undermine the safety and security of other countries, and warned against allowing these terrorist elements to exploit the territory of any country that provides them with shelter, by obtaining the means for financing, arming, and training terrorists.

The communiqué deplored the statements concerning the judicial system of the GCC member states that were issued by the European Parliament and other organizations, stating that these statements constitute an unacceptable interference in the domestic affairs of the GCC member states, and at the same time pave the way for the commission of more crimes which will have an adverse impact and contribute to undermining the security and stability of the region.