1997 News Story

The concept of the Consultative Council

Chairman of the Consultative Council [Majlis Al-Shura], Shaikh Muhammad Bin Jubeir, today stated that there is no way to compare the consultative system in Islam with any of the so-called democratic systems prevailing in other countries. 

Chairman Bin Jubeir stated that the Consultative Council is not a legislative organ because Islamic Shariah is the sole authority to show people what is right and what is wrong, and noted that Shariah clarifies for Muslims the major principles which require to be formulated into regulations and statutes in order to be implemented.   Referring to the role of the Consultative Council, he said:  “Unlike western democracies, we never legislate, we merely organize initially existing principles.”  The Consultative Council, differing from parliaments in other countries in that each member represents, not a particular area, but the entire country, plays an effective role in accelerating the wheel of social and economic development in the Kingdom.   It has established a proposals committee that receives ideas from citizens and studies them before referring them to one of the eight specialized committees.  In this way citizens can positively contribute to enriching the activities of the Consultative Council.

The Council held its regular weekly meeting on Sunday, January 19 and resumed its debate on the draft of the health insurance system for expatriates which had been prepared by the ad hoc committee on health and social affairs.  The fifth and sixth articles were approved after amendments were introduced.  Article nine had already been approved, and discussion began on the tenth article, concerning how health establishments could deal with expatriates pending the enforcement of the insurance system.