1997 News Story

Saudi-Yemeni relations

Interior Minister Prince Naif Ibn Abdulaziz expressed optimism over an agreement, in the near future, to put an end to the border issue between the Kingdom and Yemen, indicating that the border issue is with President Ali Abdullah Saleh.  Prince Naif, in a meeting with the press yesterday, said that the latest incident on the border between the Kingdom and Yemen did not affect the progress of negotiations and underlined the interest of the two governments for non-recurrence of such an incident.

In reply to a question whether there is any link between the correction of the overstayers status in the Kingdom and return of Yemeni workers, Prince Naif said that there is no connection at all and that the doors of the Kingdom are open to bring Yemeni workers.  There are about 500,000 Yemenis working in the Kingdom.

Minister of State and Member of the Cabinet Dr. Musaed Al-Eiban led a Saudi delegation to Aden, Yemen yesterday.