1997 News Story

Crown Prince Abdullah in Damascus

Crown Prince Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard, was received yesterday at the People’s Palace in Damascus by Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad, with whom he reviewed bilateral relations, the latest events in the region including efforts to revive the Middle East peace process, and developments in Arab, Islamic and international arenas.

On his arrival in Damascus, Crown Prince Abdullah made a statement, remarking that his visit was a natural thing, representative of the historical bonds between the two countries as well as the commonality of all Arabs and Muslims which remains unchanged by political situations or the current tension in the region, a region central to global civilization and the location of divine revelations from God Almighty.   Prince Abdullah emphasized that although taught by the Holy Qur’an to pursue peaceful means whenever possible and to advocate justice, security and stability, the Arab and Muslim worlds will never surrender to oppression or give up their legitimate rights.   He went on to deplore events on Palestinian territory as alarming, and an indication to all peace-loving states to bear in mind the dangers lying ahead which may not be confined to the Palestinians alone.  Arabs and Muslims cannot be forever isolated from that place which was the first quiblah of Islam [Jerusalem], and the future of international peace is questionable, with the entire world now witnessing the suppression and injustice of the Palestinian people at the hands of certain adventurers who possess neither political nor moral awareness about justice and peace.   Prince Abdullah made it clear that justice cannot be attained without full adherence to a just peace, adding that justice has to be complied with so that peace and stability can prevail throughout the region.