1997 News Story

Minister of Education comments on new school year

Close to 4.5 million students at all levels start the new academic year tomorrow, Saturday September 6.   Speaking on the occasion, Education Minister Dr. Muhammad Al-Rasheed reflected on the importance of punctuality and the role educators have in implanting this concept in the hearts of young people.

Dr. Al-Rasheed reported that the number of boys attending the 11,191 public schools run by the Ministry of Education is 2,004,500 with 1,178,716 at 5,838 primary schools, 493,232 at 2,797 intermediate schools, and 265,000 at 1,352 secondary schools.  In addition, there are 18 teachers' training institutes with 17,612 students, and 49 special education schools with 5,560 students.  The Ministry also manages 1,237 adult education centers with 43,690 enrolled.  The Ministry also has 131 health centers, and 20 sports complexes.
The General Presidency for Girls' Education reports a total of 2,015,757 girls in 11,441 schools, with 1,085,753 at primary level, 410,883 at intermediate, and 326,408 at secondary level.  In addition, there are 51 post-secondary colleges for girls, with 84,852 students, and 31 special technical and vocational institutes with 2,514 enrolled.  To transport female students, the General Presidency owns over 3,000 buses and rents more than 5,000.   The presidency also has 58 health centers for female students and teachers.
Regarding higher education, there are seven universities in the Kingdom, in addition to a number of colleges and institutes.