1996 Public Statement

King Fahd delegates Crown Prince to undertake State's affairs
Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques King Fahd bin Abdulaziz directed the following Royal Decree to Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard:

"In view of our desire to spend some time resting and recuperating and because of your highness' good qualities and keenness on all that realizes the public interest, and after reviewing article 65 of the basic system of Government, we hereby delegate your Highness to undertake the affairs of the state while we enjoy rest and recuperation. We are fully confident of your highness' appreciation for your brother and your keenness on the interests of the state and care for the affairs of the people. We pray for God's help and good luck to your Highness, and we ask the Almighty to assist us and yourself and to guide everybody to what he likes and deems satisfactory."

King Fahd received the following reply from Crown Prince Abdullah:

" I may never be able, regardless of my attempts, under the circumstances to express my deep love and absolute loyalty to my lord, hoping that God will bestow you good health and strength and extend your life to continue to lead our march for which I and every citizen are indebted to my brother. The simple indisposition which has befallen you revealed an abundance of feelings of love and loyalty from the people who wonder night and day about your health-may God protect you-and the calls I receive constantly from citizens, the media and all brothers both from inside the Kingdom and abroad.

"God knows what my reactions were when I was informed of the brotherly confidence you have invested in me. To delegate me to run the affairs of the state on your behalf, until we welcome you back- with God's willing - in your normal position, which will make our happiness complete. Nothing gives me greater pleasure and fills my heart with happiness than to see you return to your great role in the leadership of the state. On this particular day, I carry burdens which can not be alleviated or eased except by the hope in God that he will protect you and prolong your life. In obedience to God and to your kind order, I shall commit myself-with God's willing-to all that satisfies God and yourself in regards to what you have assigned me to undertake. I shall return to you whenever I find myself in need of guidance from your directives and recommendations. I pray to God to protect you and bestow upon you health and long life. May the peace, mercy and blessing of God be upon you."