1996 News Story

Council of Ministers meeting

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz, presiding yesterday over the regular weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers, spoke of the crucial importance of the agricultural sector in the Kingdom.   Stressing that Saudi Arabia’s development strategy regards agriculture as a major aspect of its success, linking it in practice with food security, which constitutes an essential pillar of overall economic and social security, King Fahd stated that agriculture will continue to play its important role in diversifying the economy by expanding its activities and linking them with other sectors in accordance with government proposals for strengthening it.   The Saudi monarch also commended the private sector’s positive response to state procedures for supporting the agricultural sector.   King Fahd attributed the success of the agricultural sector, as of other sectors, to the awareness of Saudi nationals and their ability to face development challenges.

Acting Information Minister and Minister of Higher Education Dr. Khaled Al-Angary reported that King Fahd reviewed with the cabinet the importance of the agricultural sector for the future of the Kingdom as well as to its overall gross national product.  Dr. Al-Angary reiterated the vision of King Fahd that agricultural production coupled with the manufacturing of products are part and parcel of the comprehensive Saudi security, saying:  “King Fahd was long ago made aware of the importance of agriculture when the late King Abdul Aziz, unifier of the Kingdom, invited an international mission to study the potential of agriculture in the Kingdom and ways of improving it, and established in 1948 a directorate of agriculture linked to the Ministry of Finance”.   Agriculture is also important, King Fahd said, since it responds to population growth, job demands by Saudis, and the rise in living standards of Saudis resident in rural areas.  King Fahd said agricultural products are growing faster than the rate of population growth, and that the contribution of agriculture to the nation’s non-oil GNP exceeds 11 percent.

Reviewing the most important Arab, regional, Islamic and international events, King Fahd attributed the Kingdom’s success to its following of the wise Islamic ways in dealing with all brothers and friends everywhere, and reiterated the Saudi role as one of compassion for the whole world and of security, peace, dignity, prosperity and happiness for every human being on earth in compliance with the Saudi responsibility for the Islamic creed and in the service of the Two Holy Mosques.