1996 News Story

Kingdom's private industry of vegetable oils flourishing

A recent study by the Saudi Consulting House shows that the vegetable oil industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will grow annually by five percent.   The study indicates that demand will escalate from 195,425 tons to 226,552 tons by the year 2004, and disclosed that the Kingdom’s consumption in 1994 was 143,234 tons, the average per capita consumption being just over 21 pounds per year.  There are eight factories, two in Jeddah and one each in Dammam, Yanbu, Al-Jouf, Tabuk, Al-Kharj and Riyadh, with a total of 828 employees, a combined production capacity of 290,000 tons and capital investment of SR 468 million (U.S. $ 124.8 million).   The study points out, however, that there is no available market for new vegetable oil factories unless investors plan to export their products.