1996 News Story

Kingdom's speech to UN General Assembly

Deputy Foreign Minister Abdulrahman Mansouri yesterday addressed the 51st session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on behalf of the Saudi delegation.  Referring to the Kingdom as one of the founders of the organization and a signatory of the convention in San Francisco [in 1945] he reaffirmed Saudi Arabia’s determination to support the UN in shouldering its responsibility towards global peace.   The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he stated, will work unwaveringly to enhance the capabilities of the UN and its role of support to the pillars of security, stability and prosperity throughout the world.

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Concerning the Middle East peace process, Minister Mansouri reiterated the concern of the Arab leaders to realize peace, and said that at their meeting in Cairo last June they voiced support of the policy of going ahead along the path of peace, making it clear that peace would remain their strategy.  Minister Mansouri stated:  “Realization of a just and comprehensive peace under the umbrella of international legitimacy makes it necessary for Israel to adhere to the path of peace and to work in line with the principles agreed on at the Madrid Peace Conference, with the UN Resolutions 242, 338, and 425 adopted by the Security Council, and with the principle of land-for-peace.”   The Kingdom therefore urges the USA and Russia, in their capacity as sponsors of the Madrid Peace Conference, to exert intensive efforts for the continuation of the peace process and the resumption of negotiations on all tracks.   In this regard, the Kingdom praises the positive stance of the European Union.

The Kingdom also praises the honorable stance of the international community in connection with the vicious aggression by Iraq against Kuwait in 1990, and the historical and decisive measures taken for the latter’s liberation.  It is to be hoped that the international community will stand firmly against any attempt to undermine the security and safety of any of its member states.  Minister Mansouri stressed the importance of implementing the UN resolutions pertaining to Iraq, and urged the Iraqi regime to comply with these, especially Resolution 986, so as to put an end to the ordeal and suffering of the Iraqi people.  Concerning the Kingdom’s policy towards Iraq, Minister Mansouri stated:  “This is based on two major pillars:  Iraq’s comprehensive and absolute compliance with the UN resolutions, together with preservation of the independence, sovereignty, and regional safety of Iraq, as well as easing the suffering of its people.”

Minister Mansouri also expressed the Kingdom’s regret at the failure of Iran to respond to calls by the United Arab Emirates to settle their dispute over the three islands in the Arabian Gulf;  and the Kingdom’s support for the measures taken by Bahrain to ensure its security and stability.   As regards Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Kingdom hopes that the elections recently held in the country will pave the way for political stability and economic growth, and calls on the international community to stand against any trend towards secession on either religious or ethnic grounds.   On the issue of terrorism, the Kingdom supports any measures taken to confront this dangerous phenomenon.

Minister Mansouri expressed the Kingdom’s praise of the success of the UN in tackling economic problems and of its role in supporting international cooperation for development, underscoring the importance of increasing the volume of economic aid being extended by the developed countries to the underdeveloped world, and stating that this increase in assistance constitutes the cornerstone for international cooperation.