1996 News Story

Kingdom commended by humanitarian organization

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been commended by White Helmet Corps, an all-volunteer international peace organization, for its contribution to humanitarian services in Palestine.  Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz, in the name of Saudi Arabia, has donated a total of three million U.S. dollars to the organization’s activities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, including the training of fifty computer instructors, and the provision of expertise in urban planning, traffic control, and infrastructure development.   Other projects range from fighting brucellosis in livestock, to instructing youth in soccer.

The White Helmet Corps, the concept for which was proposed by Argentine President Carlos Menem and approved by the UN General Assembly in 1994 with the support of 67 nations, was established for the purpose of providing humanitarian assistance in “peace-building efforts” around the world, and is currently offering its services in Lebanon, Haiti, Jamaica, Angola, Rwanda, Armenia, and Brazil as well as Palestine.   Saudi Arabia has a long record of contributing to Palestinian efforts to improve their standard of living.