1996 News Story

King Fahd expresses appreciaiton to Crown Prince Abdullah

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz yesterday sent a message to Crown Prince Abdullah, Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard, expressing his gratitude for the Prince's sincere efforts while entrusted with running the affairs of state. The message said: "Having taken rest for some time and being now fully recovered, and at the end of the validity of royal decree A-112 dated 11/30/95, I send my thanks and appreciation for your dedication and sincere efforts while you were running the affairs of state. You, your excellency, my dear brother, are known to be, without a doubt, always our right hand in your concern for all that realizes the general good of our country and our dear people."

King Fahd prayed to God "to help all of us to serve our true religion, our brethren and the citizens as well as to realize our aspirations for the development and welfare of our country and our noble citizens", and also "to ensure the continuing prevalence of security and stability in the shade of our Islamic faith."

In his reply Crown Prince Abdullah said: "I have received your royal decree A-199 dated 02/21/96 with the message that your period of rest is ended, Almighty God having blessed you with good health. Only God knows my strong feelings and deep concern over what happened to you, which made it necessary for me to shoulder the responsibilities of the state, an unforgettable and painful day. This is what I expressed in my message to you on 12/01/95 when I said that nothing makes me happier personally and fills my heart with greater gladness and joy than to see you return to your great role in leading our march. During the short period when I was entrusted with the affairs of state, I did not achieve anything worth mentioning, but my close experience with such great responsibility makes me pray to God to help you shoulder that responsibility." Prince Abdullah concluded by affirming his complete loyalty, enthusiasm, understanding and dedication towards God, Islam, the nation and the King, in the service of the public interest and the realization of the people's expectations, and by praying for long life for the King to enable him to continue his historic role in the Arab and Muslim worlds.