1996 News Story

Kingdom's medical facilities continue to expand

The Ministry of Health reports continued expansion of medical facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.   By the end of 1415 H (May 1995) the total number of hospitals, both government and private, was 279, with 41,923 beds, 15,125 physicians, 35,687 nurses, and 18,345 para-medical staff.  In addition, there were 2,311 medical centers.  Of these figures, 72 hospitals and 464 health centers were private, and there were another 6,988 private clinics.  Included in the figures are 34 hospitals managed by government bodies other than the Ministry of Health, with 7,477 beds, 6,176 physicians, 15,622 nurses, and 8,958 para-medical staff.

At the same date, the Saudi Red Crescent had 144 centers, and managed a fleet of 411 ambulances.   There were 35 medical institutes, and 103 dialysis centers.  A gigantic health project now under way is the construction of the King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh, which will have 1,425 beds in a number of hospitals equipped with the most advanced medical facilities.