1996 News Story

The sanctity of the pilgrimage

Responding to a Reuters report dated April 6 which quoted Iranian President Akbar Hashemi as saying that Iranian pilgrims plan to hold political meetings during this year’s pilgrimage season, an official source at the Ministry of Interior today stated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has never permitted the convening of any such meetings, a fact that Iranian officials are fully aware of.   Such meetings will never be allowed, since they run counter to the rituals of the pilgrimage and undermine the security and safety of the pilgrims.   The Kingdom is always concerned with enabling them to perform their rituals with ease and comfort.   Quoting the Holy Qur’an:  “For the Hajj, the time is well known;  during it, whosoever undertakes that duty, let there be no obscenity, no wickedness, and no wrangling”, the official concluded that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will never tolerate transgression of the limits set by Almighty God in the Holy Places during the Holy Months.