1996 News Story

Prince Nayef interviewed in Belgian media

The remarks of Interior Minister Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz which appeared in newspapers and on the radio and television in Belgium, were reported today in the Saudi daily Al-Jazeera.   Remarking on how wisely Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz has been leading the country, Prince Nayef stated that leaders and citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia alike have confidence in the integrity and credibility of its policies and development plans, saying:  “The Kingdom ... is going ahead steadily under the close cohesion between the leadership and the people”.

Refuting fabricated reports about Saudi Arabia, Prince Nayef said that while some people write with good intentions but lack proper information, he is skeptical about the intentions of certain others.   The Kingdom welcomes anyone who tries to learn facts from primary sources.  

Commenting on the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the attempt to occupy a country and wipe it off the map, Prince Nayef called this an unprecedented act in modern times, and affirmed that there are now only a few military forces left in the Kingdom, those involved in the implementation of UN resolutions and training programs.

Answering a question on freedom of the press, Prince Nayef stated that while Saudi society, governed as it is by the teachings of Islam, is indeed a conservative one, freedom is guaranteed for all, constructive freedom, not destructive freedom.  Freedom of the press is therefore guaranteed within the systems of the country, and there is no censorship on its activities.  Prince Nayef remarked:  “We have our own perspective which conforms with our characteristics ..... We are not fond of imitating others;  rather, we do what suits us”.  Confirming that human rights in general are guaranteed in the Kingdom, he went on to say:  “The twenty-sixth article of the Kingdom’s Basic System of Government stipulates that the state undertake the responsibility of protecting human rights in line with the teachings of Islamic shariah.”

In response to a question on capital punishment, Prince Nayef pointed out that the majority of those who suffer this are drug dealers and smugglers, and stated:  “It is our duty to protect our youth from the menace of drugs”.  Referring to the phenomenon of drug smuggling as an international menace, Prince Nayef urged all countries to cooperate in uprooting it.