1996 News Story

Attempt to smuggle explosives into Kingdom foiled

A responsible source at the Ministry of Interior reported yesterday that customs officials at the Al-Haditha checkpoint had foiled an attempt to smuggle a quantity of explosives into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stating:  “The explosives were hidden in a number of secret compartments in a Caprice automobile carrying Saudi tags.  The car was driven by a lone Saudi coming from outside the Kingdom at 03.15 on Friday, March 29, 1996.   Following a check of the material seized, it was found by experts that the amount of explosives could be around 38 kilograms and that it also contained 116 meters of match-cords which were filled with explosives understood to be of the C-4 kind, the other semtex, and the third tetryl.  All these materials are highly explosive, with great power when used.”   The car, the driver, and the material seized were handed over to the concerned security investigation body.   Subsequently, others were arrested when investigation proved they were linked to the explosives, which had been loaded into the car in Lebanon.