1996 News Story

Riyadh bombing culprits arrested

Minister of Interior HRH Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz announced today the arrest of the perpetrators of the bombing of the National Guard facility in Riyadh last year.  Prince Nayef commended the efforts exerted by the security police in apprehending the four Saudi culprits.

The four made full confessions about their affiliations and motivations and stated that they had been trained in Afghanistan.   They also confessed to being influenced by the ideas of extremist groups in Egypt, Algeria and Afghanistan, and by views circulated by Muhammad Al-Masaari and Osama Bin Laden.  This influence led them to accuse all Arab leaders, the Saudi government, and its religious scholars, of apostasy, and to plot against them.

The four culprits stated that they had contemplated carrying out kidnappings, assassinations and bombings of other public facilities in Saudi Arabia.   They admitted to smuggling from Yemen the explosives used in the bombing, and said that they targeted buildings frequented by Americans and decided on the National Guard facility in Riyadh for that consideration.