1996 News Story

Health facilities quadrupled in 25 years

The number of hospitals and health care centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia more than quadrupled from only 74 hospitals and 591 primary health care centers in 1970 to 297 hospitals and 3,254 primary health care centers in 1995, according to a report released by the Ministry of Planning. It was noted in the report that the number of beds at the kingdom's hospitals increased from 9,000 beds to 41,287.

In the same period, the number of physicians climbed from 1,172 to 29,227, while the number of the nurses rose from 3,261 to 61,246, and the number of the assistant technicians increased from 1,741 to 32,167.

In addition, 77 organizations providing social services to children and families have been established. There are also 141 non-governmental associations supervising 131 kindergarten schools and 55 health care and physical therapy centers for the elderly.