1996 News Story

Saudization of labor force emphasized by Prince Nayef

Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Interior and President of the Council for Manpower, during a speech on the occasion of the vocational day recently organized by King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, underscored the importance of saudization of the labor force, saying that the percentage of nationals employed by the public sector has reached 99.9 in several government departments. Noting that at present 65 percent of the jobs at Saudia, the national airline, are occupied by Saudis, he said the company is planning to complete the saudization of its employees by the end of the current sixth five-year development plan.

In underlining the significant role to be played by the private sector in the national economy, Prince Nayef said the Saudi private sector was the biggest importer of expatriate manpower to the Kingdom with more than 500,000 visas issued last year. As a major pillar for the process of development, it should shoulder its share of responsibility towards saudization of employment in the country.