1996 News Story

Prince Nayef comments on agreement with Yemen

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz in a newspaper interview today reiterated the importance of the security agreement between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Yemen, saying:  “We are ready for dialogue and understanding on security matters that serve our mutual interests.”   Prince Nayef stated that he had extended an invitation to his Yemeni counterpart Colonel Hussein Arab to visit the Kingdom for the signing of the agreement and hoped for a positive response in the near future.

Prince Nayef highlighted the existing distinguished relations between the Kingdom and Yemen, and the current security cooperation between the two countries, saying:  “We are in continuous contact with our brothers in Yemen, exchanging views on issues pertaining to security cooperation.”   He then pointed out that it was one year ago that the Saudi cabinet had deputized him to sign the security agreement, and elaborated:  “Since our brothers in Yemen had asked for certain amendments it was essential to refer these to the cabinet.  Some were approved, others were re-amended, and the agreement was sent back to the Yemeni interior minister.  We are ready to sign the amended agreement.”

Asked if the security agreement stipulates extradition of criminals, Prince Nayef said:  “We will announce details of the agreement when it is signed” and stated that he viewed it “as a comprehensive agreement serving mutual interests”.  Prince Nayef hoped that similar agreements would be signed by all Arab interior ministers.