1996 News Story

GCC communiqué well received

Omani Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Youssef Bin Alawi Bin Abdullah commended the GCC leaders for their constant endeavors to strengthen their unity, describing the outcome of the 59th ministerial council session which he chaired, as "fruitful and comprehensive consultation". He stated that the final communiqué clearly reflected the concern of the GCC states to establish close relations on principles of good neighborly relations and non-intervention in the domestic affairs of others, and reiterated the support of GCC member states to any effort to unify the ranks of the Arabs. Referring to the outcome of the Israeli elections, he reaffirmed that the main concern of the GCC states would remain the realization of peace in the Middle East, saying: "This issue will be a subject for consultation between the GCC, the USA and the EU, as well as all peace-supporting nations."

Youssef Bin Alawi went on to point out that the EU constitutes a major partner for the GCC member states, saying: "We have made great strides as regards to political and economic dialogue with the European Union." At the political level, there is an absolute understanding on several issues, and in particular those pertaining to the problems of security in the Arabian Gulf region and peace in the Middle East, while at the economic level, it has been agreed to conduct negotiations on a duty-free zone.