1996 News Story

Saudi plane shows off new logo in Washington DC

One of the first newly-renovated 747 Jumbo Jets of Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) arrived yesterday at Washington Dulles International Airport, to a reception of some seventy representatives of U.S. industry, commerce and government, who, together with a number of Saudi officials, inspected the interior of the plane, newly refurbished in deep blue.  The new SAA logo, featured on the tail fin, depicts the palm tree and crossed swords in gold, on an aquamarine and deep azure background, partly bordered by a golden crescent.   The rest of the fuselage bears the airline’s name, Saudi Arabian, in Arabic and in English, as well as the flag of Saudi Arabia, all against a creamy beige.

Saudi Arabian Airlines has forty-five 747 jets, and each craft will be fully repainted and their interiors stripped and replaced over a period of several months in the course of their regular maintenance schedule.   SAA officials stated that the new outward image reflects an overall effort to improve service based on modern values of efficiency, comfort, and reliability in addition to traditional values of hospitality, honor, creativity and dignity.