1996 News Story

Islamic projects sponsored by Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz, has played a significant role in establishing a large number of Islamic Centers and Mosques all over the world.   The latest statistics show that the Kingdom has set up, or contributed to the building of, a total of 210 Islamic Centers and 1359 mosques worldwide, in addition to donating generously to another 1569 such projects.

Among the most prominent European projects are the center in Geneva, which cost SR 16 million (U.S. $ 4.3 million);  the grand mosque in Madrid, the largest Islamic complex in Europe with buildings housing cultural, educational, and sports facilities;  the mosque in London which was set up at a total cost of about SR 43 million (U.S. $ 11.5 million);  the grand mosque in Brussels which was designed to accommodate 4000 worshipers at a cost of about SR 20 million (U.S. $ 5.3 million);  and the Islamic Center in Rome, also with a capacity for 4000 worshipers, which was opened last year.  There are also mosques in Zagreb and in Lisbon.

The Kingdom has sponsored mosques in many parts of the United States, including Maryland, Virginia, and Ohio, as well as in Washington DC;  and in Canada, Australia, and countries along the Pacific Rim, in addition to a total of twelve in Latin America.  Saudi Arabia has also established four schools, including the Islamic Saudi Academy in Northern Virginia which opened in 1984, and the King Fahd Academy in London, set up in 1985.  The other two are the recently-established King Fahd Academy in Moscow, and the King Fahd Academy in Bonn which opened in 1995.