1995 News Story

GCC interior ministers meet in Manama

The GCC interior ministers have deplored the phenomenon of violence and extremism and reiterated their support for Bahrain, which has recently witnessed subversive acts.

The statement read by the GCC Secretary-General Fahim Al-Kassemi at the end of the meeting of the GCC interior ministers, said that in the light of the noble goals on which the GCC was founded and the valuable principles laid down by the GCC leaders; and taking into account the facts that the security of the GCC is an indivisible matter, and that the achievements accomplished by the GCC member states and protection of the internal front can only be preserved through consultation, cooperation and coordination among the member states; and following the lines of the statement of the GCC Supreme Summit Council in its fifteenth session on the phenomenon of extremism and violence and its call to confront this destructive phenomenon which runs counter to the teachings of Islam; in accordance with all this, the GCC interior ministers held their third extraordinary meeting in Bahrain on Tuesday, April 18, 1995.

The ministers were briefed by the Bahraini interior minister on the subversive acts recently witnessed by Bahrain.

After exchanging views on this serious development on the part of extremist elements, instigated from certain foreign quarters, in an attempt to undermine security and stability in the Gulf region, the ministers praised the wise manner in which the Bahrain authorities tackled the problems and the successful measures that were taken to contain them.

The GCC interior ministers reiterated the following:

Prince Naif Bin Abdul Aziz, Interior Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said the press statement released by the GCC interior ministers at the end of their extraordinary meeting in Manama last night has provided clear evidence of the identical views on the issues pertaining to the security of the GCC member states.