1995 News Story

New school year starts in Saudi Arabia

Tomorrow, Saturday September 23, more than four million students throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will start a new academic year. A total of 399 new schools will be opened, comprising 124 primary, 120 intermediate and 155 secondary schools. This raises the total number of schools to 10,300, comprising 5,628 primary schools catering for more than one million students with about 72,000 teachers; 2,482 internmediate schools with almost half a million students and about 31,000 teachers; and 1,014 secondary schools with 193,000 students. Private schools, forty-eight in number, cater for another 5,200 students and 1,135 teachers. There are 18 teacher training colleges with more than 17,000 student-teachers and 1,500 lecturers; and 1,211 centers for adult education with over 42,000 students. In addition, there are 94 universities and colleges, with over 300,000 undergradutates and about 7,000 post-graduates. The Ministry of Defense and Aviation has 214 schools under its supervision, with 64,476 students, and the National Guard educates another 4,700 in its schools. The National Guard also supervises 33 centers for adult education.